Virtual Studio


A professional recording studio equipped with a greenscreen, a UHD camera and an advanced mixing console will be perfect for streaming webinars, on-line trainings, presentations and virtual events. Reach your audience on their computers or tablets without having to bother them to travel to your lecture. Our virtual studio will increase viewer interest, elevate the prestige of your event, helping it to stand out against other productions.

Our virtual stage sets turn the green background into large open spaces, penthouses, TV news studios or unusual places like suburban car workshops or the Elysian Fields in Paris.


Recording against a green screen in the studio combines the advantages of the studio with the variety of virtual backgrounds. Our studio offers:

  • perfect acoustic conditions for recording interviews, statements or voiceovers
  • a variety of virtual locations
  • an unlimited choice of stage sets
  • experienced personnel and professional equipment
Wirtualne Studio -

Nasze studio greenscreen znajduje zastosowanie także do produkcji mniej oficjalnych w postaci atrakcji na eventach. Pozwól nagrać się gościom na jednym z wybranych scenerii – złożyć życzenia, przejść się po czerwonym dywanie, przemówić z gabinetu owalnego. Nagrany film zostanie przesłany do adresata w kwadrans po realizacji.


Online Presentation

This service includes:

  • access to the studio and use of professional equipment
  • recording of your event with live streaming to the Internet
  • graphic artwork
  • make-up for speakers
  • streaming for up to 1000 online users

Interactive webinar

Our services for your webinar include:

  • studio and equipment
  • graphic artwork and individualised stage sets
  • make–up for speakers
  • streaming for up to 2000 viewers
  • development of presentation
  • chat or question system
  • dedicated website

Virtual event

Our services for your virtual event include:

  • studio and equipment
  • graphic artwork and musical score
  • styling gadgets
  • a package of stage sets to choose from
  • a dedicated website
  • distribution of materials immediately after the recording
  • animator

Suggested stage sets

We offer a broad range of virtual stage sets to suit your production. We will make sure the backgrounds you choose are consistent with the visual identity of your company and that they increase the value of your production. If you prefer, we can design a studio from scratch per your guidelines.

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