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We had the pleasure of organizing the live stream of the reading of the “Alchemist” audiobook, developed by the Drzewo Babel Publishing House, in the Och Theater.

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Enable people who cannot reach a conference or concert to join the event and enjoy ‘front row seats’ with HD streaming with excellent sound. If you’re streaming from several locations concurrently, the viewers will choose which stream to view, and then will be able to view the remaining recordings as videos on demand on your website from a dedicated landing page. Don’t worry about promoting the stream – our Full Service package includes that, as well as any other aspects you may entrust to us.

Simultaneous interpretation will enable you to reach foreign audiences, while photo and video documentaries serve as short reports from the event. Recorded broadcasts can be made available to you on the same time, along with a batch of statistical data about traffic on your page during the streaming event.

We offer


  • HD quality streaming
  • simultaneous interpretation to six different languages
  • excellent sound quality
  • concurrent streaming from up to eight different events
  • dedicated subtitles and screens during streaming
  • recording on the fly


  • player can be placed on any website
  • compatible with mobile devices
  • chat for stream users
  • viewer questions system
  • conference bridge two-way communication
  • viewer authorization


  • promotion for the streaming event
  • full multimedia service
  • development of full graphic design as per guidelines
  • documenting of the event in photographic and video documentary form
  • dedicated landing page
  • streaming statistics

Concurrent streaming

Concurrent streaming from three, five or even eight locations at the same time is no problem. How many cameras will we need? How many mixing consoles? Will the connection keep up with the workload? Will we need risers? We know the answers to this and many other questions that may arise before and during production.

rownolegla -

Każda z transmisji jest nagrywana, następnie poddawana montażowi wraz z koloryzacją oraz korektą dźwięku, otrzymuje własną oprawę graficzną w postaci podpisów prelegentów i plansz. Gotowy materiał przekazywany może zostać zamieszczony na przygotowanym przez nas landing page'u.

Conference bridges

Have you ever thought of two-way streaming? Stream videos between several branches of your company or between conference rooms, or e.g. from your headquarters to dozens, hundreds or thousands of locations at the same time. Stream simultaneously from many cinema auditoriums with superior video and sound quality.

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