No project is guaranteed to succeed, nor is success the usual outcome. Achieving success requires an ambitious approach that is clearly above average. Our mission is to be a trustworthy partner who makes success possible. That is why we have set our goal: to translate our passions into the quality of the projects we undertake. We are not the cheapest on the market. We don’t have the longest track record. We haven’t completed more projects than any other company. But we are reliable. To us that means that every project is a separate “personality” that we approach with creativity, delivering our best terms of service within budget and on time.

Our Portfolio

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We decided to dedicate a bit more space to projects we’re particularly proud of. Some of these projects are also available as sub-pages illustrating individual case studies, and you can access them from the menu.

This video was recorded as an announcement of a series of videos presenting proper swimming techniques. In this production, we were given a free hand to create whatever script we saw fit, which resulted in a short and powerful intro that the client was happy with.

About us

We established MU Interactive in 2011. We are a tight team of enthusiasts of new technologies, media and video games. We gained experience working for traditional television and building internet television and other online services. In time, we decided to bring a new quality to the market. We started with forms we were familiar with: live streaming, video productions and events, and in subsequent years we expanded our team and the scope of our services to include web applications and we established our own Animation Studio . We are also pioneers of the fascinating technology of Intelligent Marketing Automation.


Get to know some of our team members – despite different backgrounds, education and life stories, we share a common passion and love for creating extraordinary things. Trust us, and we will surprise you in a good way!


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