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Intelligent WEB applications

Every website can become a sales-driving tool. Operating a corporate website, blog or portal builds your web presence and presents your offer, but does not guarantee hits. SEO optimizations, investments in SEM and other techniques of promotion, including long-tail investments in the search engine through content marketing entails extra costs and effort to win those valuable hits.

But a hit does not mean success – it is just the beginning of the conversion of an anonymous person into a potential customer. Your website needs to become an Intelligent WEB Application, where mechanisms of behavioural analysis, learning and artificial intelligence processing and automation will provide the user with the right content at the right time, and remind them about your offer at the key decision-making moment.

Until recently, all this work had to be performed by hand, but with the MU Velo tool, we can now create any kind of service for you: from a Landing page to Content Marketing Portal  with built-in artificial intelligence and marketing automation systems. MU IMA in turn can integrate an existing WWW site without having to rebuild it.

What do we offer?

Presented below are the three main groups of services we provide – we treat each of them as the starting point to developing an individualised offer.

WEB applications

WWW Websites

  • Graphic design with User eXperience
  • Application of RWD (Responsive Web Design) – support for all platforms
  • Analysis of site structure and customer journey
  • Anonymous and known user statistics
  • Content tagging and tag scoring mechanism
  • Newsletter / mailing integration
  • CSV report exporting
  • Integration with MU IMA IMA

Full service

All inclusive

  • Full service
  • Site building or integration of MU IMA solutions
  • Content: copy-writing, proofing, SEO
  • Promotion: SEM, mailing and others
  • Creative content: graphic, mailing, newsletter
  • Dedicated manager and effective communication
  • Full team availability and flexible billing
  • Activity reports

Intelligent Marketing Automation


  • Integrated Smart CRM
  • Self service or MU-based service
  • Self-learning system
  • Integration with any number of WWW services
  • User analysis also when offline
  • Email and SMS campaigns
  • Message delivery and rejection analysis
  • Private cloud data safety in compliance with GIODO guidelines

IT & Automation Team

This is our IT & Automation team.

How does Intelligent Marketing Automation work?

What do you need to manage the operations of key departments in your company?

An intelligent system to combine the functionalities of tools currently you currently use or need to implement in your company. MU Marketing Automation integrates the functions of: mailing, CRM, online analytics, social marketing, etc., as well as offline activities.

Who benefits from the implementation?

The entire company benefits. An independent, intelligent system reduces the workload of the marketing department, whose employees no longer need to input data by hand and analyze leads. The entire process is automated, and your marketing people can focus on developing content for new campaigns and utilizing their results.

When to implement MU IMA?

At any time, the sooner the better. New potential or returning clients may find their way to your company any day, by very different channels. The sooner you implement MU Marketing Automation, the more you will know about your potential clients and the better you can prepare your sales strategy.

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