Warsaw ED


Venue: Library of the University of Warsaw

Type of production: streaming

Running time: around 4 hours

The entire event was recorded with three cameras. It was streamed concurrently to the Internet and to screens located in the adjacent hall. Additionally, MU Animation created graphic artwork and introductory animations for the stream. The team responsible for the production consisted of six people and was responsible for the broadcast, the sound system in the room, and the whole multimedia production process

stages of production

Planning: in this stage, we developed the preliminary guidelines for the visuals, the streaming schedule and the outline of the graphic artwork.

Development: in the hours preceding the conference, we set up the multimedia and rehearsals.

Production: required efficient cooperation between the broadcast engineer, the sound engineer and three operators, and all activities were coordinated by the unit director.

Finalization: in subsequent days we edited the recorded material with colouring and sound mastering. Two weeks later the finished recording was delivered to the client.


Preparing to stream the conference, we knew we needed to stay consistent with the TED formula, therefore the production itself was preceded by hours spent watching and analyzing previous TED conference streams. We focused on camera work and all details involved in the video production. We did this to ensure that we match and fit the guidelines of the TED format.

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