Stop Corruption Animation

Case Study


Animation technique: 2D

Running time: 2 animations, 33 seconds each

Scripts: Ministry of National Defence

Illustrations and animation: MU Animation

Client:: Ministry of National Defence

Both animations were developed by order of the Ministry of National Defence as part o the “Stop Corruption” campaign. The purpose of the videos was to show that failure to inform the authorities about incidents of corruption of government officials negatively impacts the security of the state and its citizens. The animation is addressed to everyone who comes into contact with corruption, particularly in the uniformed services.


We designed the animation in a comic book style, yet fitting the topic and the scripts. An important role was played by details of the characters, elements of clothing and interior decoration. The colours were designed to reflect the atmosphere of individual scenes, while colour saturation graduated emotions.


Thanks to their distinctive and meaningful styling, the videos did not feature a voiceover. There is only background music and sounds characteristic to individual elements of the video. The viewer is under the impression that he or she is watching a crime story with a thought provoking ending. We purposefully applied the noir style derived from gangster movies. Distinctive features of the style include strong contrasts, shadows and night scenes.

Finished Animations

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