PARP Animations

Case Study


Animation technique: 2D

Duration: 22 animations from 00:50 to 02:10

Scripts: Aleksandra Górecka and MU Animation

Illustrations and animation: MU Animation

Client: Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

We now know quite a lot about financing programs ;) We developed a series of 22 animations about subsidies in various areas of business for the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. In a clear and accessible way, the animations explain the process of two operating programs: Eastern Poland and Intelligent development. All animations are addressed to Polish entrepreneurs.


Preparing for this project, we knew that the material would not be easy. Subsidy programs are written in difficult, official language and contain descriptions of complicated procedures and stages of support. That is why we wanted the animation convention to be as simple as possible and to contain elements that would facilitate the reception of the messages and encourage the audience to participate in the programs offered by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.


To explain the complexities of PAED programs, we decided on a simple and clear style, yet modern and expressive at the same time. We opted for lively, strong colours to attract the viewer’s attention, while maintaining a balance of colours to ensure consistent aesthetics for all animations. Many animations included icons and infographics which enabled us to visualize the process of obtaining subsidies and illustrate the costs.


All scripts were developed on the basis of information obtained from the Agency. They share a similar structure: first, the animation states whom the particular program is addressed to, then the program itself is explained in sufficient degree to enable the viewer to know whether he or she is interested. Then, to relieve the viewer of the complicated procedures, we included a humorous scene into every animation. Here are some examples.


Our guiding principle was to create a protagonist who would personify the entrepreneur – we created a character in a suit (in distinctive chequered trousers), wearing a tie, and often appearing with a briefcase. We also wanted the animations to include a leading element in the form of a product or service, for which the subsidy is obtained. We thought of a diamond. This form of presenting a product or service seemed very relevant and metaphoric at the same time – a diamond symbolizes something very valuable, it can be cut (like products and services can be improved), and it shines with multiple colours. The diamond always symbolized the product or service.


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