Odkryj IBM (Discover IBM)

Case Study


OdkryjIBM.pl is an intelligent information and education service with a large database of detailed compilations and reports presenting broadly defined IT issues. The intelligence of the system is based on, among other factors, effective selections of materials most relevant to the user based on an analysis of their web browsing patterns and efficient remarketing.

As a creative agency, we are responsible for managing the entirety of the editorial process, servicing the MU Automation intelligent contact acquisition system, running AdWords advertising campaigns and all technical maintenance for the service.

Thanks to the implementation of the customer Marketing Automation system, we report the user’s scoring – i.e. his or her readiness for further marketing action – on an ongoing basis.


OdkryjIBM.pl is a portal which distributes a regular newsletter to its users, providing access to an excellent selection of reports, training materials and articles available in the service.

In the planning of the structure of the service, we focused on every detail of the mailing process. Aside from detailed statistics, which we generate in real time, we are also able to check details such as link clicks or even the read status of the email.

We analyze both the content and the appearance of the mailing on an ongoing basis to achieve the best readership and user interaction results.

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